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Welcome to "Cart of Love," a portfolio exploring the stories of abandoned shopping carts as metaphors for relationships.

Shopping carts, often overlooked, symbolize relationships that were once important but have since been neglected or abandoned. Each cart in this collection represents a story, a memory, and an emotion.

  • Connections and Separations: Chained together, carts symbolize human connections. When separated, they evoke loneliness and abandonment, mirroring the disconnections in our lives.
  • Expectations and Disappointments: An empty cart waiting to be filled reflects our hopes and expectations. When unmet, both carts and people feel empty.
  • Everyday Overlooked: Blending into daily life, shopping carts highlight how relationships can be taken for granted amid the hustle and bustle.

"Cart of Love" invites viewers to reflect on their relationships through these evocative images, recalling the "carts" left behind and those still in memory. Each photograph tells a story, offering a profound look into the human experience.

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